The Lundy Grading Scale

Mike has used the simple but descriptive grading system successfully introduced in “Twenty Walks Around Hout Bay”.

When taken into account along with the duration of the walk, it should give you a fairly accurate picture of what to expect. The grading system makes allowance for people who suffer from a fear of heights – there seems to be a surprisingly large number of them.

The Lundy Grading Scale ©

The effort needed to complete the walk is measured on a scale of 1 to 4 and is combined with a fear of heights rating (if the potential exists) on a scale of A to D.

All times given for walks include a suitable allowance for rests. They are also what I feel the average reasonable fit person should be able to achieve.

1. An easy stroll.

2. Tiring.

3. Strenuous.

4. Exhausting and only for the very fit.

A. No exposure to heights.

B. Some mild rock scrambling, but no worse than climbing a short ladder.

C. Moderately exposed. Those with a serious fear of heights should not attempt this walk.

D. Very exposed. Not for those with even a mild fear of heights.

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