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The 1997 centenary run

On Saturday, 24 September 1997, 13 runners took part in the commemorative centenary run, which started at 108 Long Street, where the old Johannesburg Hotel used to be and which presently is an antique shop. Wally Struthers was the official starter and the brothers and their wives also attended. Don Hartley, who’s timekeeper was 5 min late with motor bike problems – as had one of Schneeberger’s “pacers” 100 years before been late with bicycle problems – finished first in 7:18 after Glenn Castle got lost in the mist and wasted an hour.

Three Peaks Challenge 1997

Don Hartley & Gavin Snell @ Devil's Peak Beacon

Three Peaks Challenge 1997

Don on his way back from Maclear's Beacon

Three Peaks Challenge 1997

Chris Goldschmidt on his way to Platteklip Gorge

Three Peaks Challenge 1997

Anton & Richard in Long Street "Where is that water?"

Platteklip Gorge

Platteklip Gorge - The pic says it all

Piet Van Zyl (Mountain Club of SA) at Tafelberg Rd Water Point

The Podium: Gavin Snell (2nd) , Don Hartley(1st), Anton Wilkinson(3rd)

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